Introducing Tinkerware - Agile is Better.

Every time you waste time on things that should be automated, a Unicorn dies. True story.

Why? Because it means you’re wasting LIFE on things you souldn’t You need to be more efficient.

For companies it’s the same, and here’s the solution for any company that develops software somehow.

Evolve software delivery now. With extra efficient developers.

Use our platform to apply DevOps principles in seconds.

Following these priciples companies will improve productivity up to 80% with:

In Business In Numbers
Finish projects so much faster 2555x Lead times reduction
Don’t worry if something goes wrong 24x Faster failure recovery
Fail Quickly, Improve quickly 3x Less failures on change
Users can see constant updates 200x More frequent deploys

Don’t waste time installing and configuring stuff. Cut to the chase and start giving value.

To achieve this, there are some things that should be done.

  1. Improve IT Department.

    Basic structured steps

    Develop locally, Test, Deploy.

  2. Automate

    Repetitive tasks and unplanned work take normally more than 80% of the time.

  3. Learn and evolve

  4. Focus on your tasks. Code hapily and freely

They take at least a year to apply them from scratch and being productive.

Why not make it in 5 minutes?

Here’s MyDevOp platform for you.

You’re done.

Download a working project to improve it. Once it’s better, Deploy it again…

Now you can keep track of your projects, the services they have on them and how halthy are they. Improve it at any time, and deploy it anytime to any server.

You don’t need an expert anymore, or become super efficient if you’re the expert.